The key to customer satisfaction. Embedded in the entire process of shopping cart service and retrieval .

About Us


Store managers and owners never have to worry about, or put resources towards, their Shopping Cart Management Program. Carts are acquired, maintained, retrieved, and disposed of at the lowest cost possible.


Provide an accountable shopping cart management program that lowers operation costs by extending the life of shopping cart fleets using a transparent retrieval process, repairs with the latest proprietary tools, and a large supply and selection of quality shopping cart parts.


It's just a word unless you can measure it. Western Cart documents all cart retrievals and deficiencies with GPS location embedded photos; accessible from the cloud and viewable with Google Maps. Management can simply control their shopping cart costs without any burden to the organization.

How We Serve You Better

Cart retrievals and service combined allows us to eliminate most pickup and delivery charges as we are at or near your store everyday. We are setup as a mobile repair and retrieval unit. We can perform most repairs from wheel changes to frame straightening using our proprietary technology at your location. 

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