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Wheels and Casters

What is the difference between a caster and wheel?

A Wheel is simply a round object with a hole in the centre for an axle. A Caster is Wheel mounted on a frame. The frame of the Caster is then mounted on the object to be moved (ie: shopping cart frame). Casters come with different mounting options. The typical mounting options for shopping carts and rolling ladders are the threaded stem type. Stocking carts, typically used to restock shelves in grocery stores, use a plate caster that is either mounted using nuts and bolts or is welded directly to the frame. Wheel-Vs-Caster

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What countries do you ship to?

For sales online, we ship to Canada and the United States. If you are from another country, please contact us for other shipping locations.

Is duty included in the price?

Duties and other local, state, provincial, and federal fees and taxes not included in your invoice are not covered by Western Cart. Generally we charge federal and state taxes upfront in the invoice.

Billing & Payments

Which credit cards do you accept?

For online store purchases and cart retrieval services, we accept most major credit carts and paypal. For online store purchases, you will be prompted with the entire list of accepted credit cards at checkout.

Do you offer billing?

For online purchases, we require payment before any product is shipped. You may make a purchase and pay by cheque. For cart retrieval services, all services are either net-30 (cheque or credit cart) or COD. For example, at the end of every month, all retrievals and shopping cart services are consolidated and billed the following month, net-30 invoice date.

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