Shopping Cart Retrieval Albums

We are currently offering shopping cart retrieval services in Kelowna and Vernon, British Columbia, Canada. We are expanding into other cities in Canada. If you are a retrieval client of Western Cart, your abandoned cart album link is listed below.

Frequently asked questions

Why does my cart retrieval image not have a map view?

GPS (Global Positioning System) technology is used for determining a shopping cart retrieval location. It relies on receiving a radio signal via line of sight from a satellite orbiting the earth. Some retrievals may be located between tight buildings, underground, or in the woods, causing the camera's GPS to not immediately get "a fix" on a satellite. This interference will only permit an image to be available.

Why is there no image of a shopping cart retrieval?

There is a couple scenerios where we do not provide an image. (1) If the retrieval is located on private property and the property owner is present, we will not photograph while on their property unless we have permission. (2) If the retrieval is located near an individual who may pose a threat or safety risk to our staff. (3) If the retrieval is on private property such as a drug house, private residence, underground parking lots or any location where we can not get permission to enter due to the circumstances and time is of the essence for our staffs' safety.

Why are there multiple images of a shopping cart retrieval?

If the retrieval requires extra information for you to understand why extra charges were incurred, we may use different angles of the same cart retrieval to prove why. For example, if a cart was full of garbage, a wheel was worn, the frame was bent, or the cart was excessively dirty and requires power washing.

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