Shopping Cart and Warehouse Equipment Service

Western Cart stocks thousands of parts for most shopping carts and material handling equipment in order to provide you the fastest equipment repair times. If we don't stock it, or your equipment is is no longer in production, we will work hard to source a suitable replacement part and install it at a reasonable cost. All our repairs are traceable as we use a quotation system that serializes your shopping carts and warehouse equipment allowing you to easily verify the work performed and assists with warranty tracking. Most of our service is performed on-site, including frame straightening and welding. Our repair vehicles are equipped with the latest proprietary tools to repair almost any type of cart damage. Check out our cart repair and maintenance services below.

Wheel / Caster Repairs

We stock thousands of casters, wheels, axles, and other parts to keep your shopping carts and warehouse equipment operating safely and efficiently.

Handlebar Replacements

Handlebars are the first and last parts of your store that the customer touches. This part should be clean and not cracked for safety and a lasting impression.

Corral Installation / Repair

Improperly maintained or broken cart corrals pose a safety risk to your customers. Ensure your corrals have no broken parts or sharp edges that can injure your guests.

Frame Straightening

Bent shopping carts and warehouse equipment can be repaired to like new condition rather than costly replacement, assembly, and shipping costs.

Seatbelt Replacements

Child seat belts on a shopping cart are there for safety and liability reasons. Missing or broken seat belts can be replaced in minutes for a very low cost.

Pressure Washing

Dirty shopping carts pose a health risk and taint the customers perception of the stores cleanliness. Carts wear out faster when not cleaned and maintained regularly.


We carry welders on-board in order to repair almost any equipment on-site. Don't risk injury to your customer and staff from using damaged material handling equipment.

Inspection and Repairs

Shopping carts and rolling ladders have moving and static parts that need to be inspected, tightened, repaired, and replaced regularly for safe operation.

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